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Google Analytics Services

I can help you audit your existing Google Analytics setup, or I can set it up for you. Typically a new set up or audit involves approximately 5 hours of work. This package is designed for Classic or Universal Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager and other tag management systems are not (yet) within my area of expertise. View my Google Analytics Individual Certification here.

Google Analytics Audit

The typical audit includes checking for the proper set up of your GATC, goals, filters, and views. I will also audit goal funnels, if already set-up, as well as e-commerce tracking, cross-domain tracking, and event tracking. If I find issues, I will make recommendations, and in most cases, can make the fixes necessary to track your data accurately.

Google Analytics Set-Up

If you don’t have GA already set up, or if the set up is very basic, I can implement all of the above. I can also set up micro and macro goals, and goals based on custom events such as tracking affiliate link clicks. I can also integrate Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, and Google Adsense (if you have any of these already set up) with your Google Analytics views.

Google Analytics Training

Lastly, I can talk with you over the phone and via conference calls to walk you through how to read and understand Google Analytics. You’ll receive one-on-one coaching for how to find the data that you most want, and how to find it quickly and easily. I can create custom dashboards – and show you show to do one for yourself – so that you can view your favorite reports at a glance.

Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst

If you have Adobe Analytics / Omniture SiteCatalyst installed, I do have some experience with it, so I can work with you to find the correct reports and make sure that your segments are tracking correctly.  However, keep in mind that I do not have the Adobe Analytics certification and will not be able to do advanced implementation or auditing.

My Qualifications

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I am available on a part-time, freelance basis only. All contracts will need to be less than 5 hours per weeks and dependent on my schedule. I only have a limited number of hours per week dedicated to freelance work. But I can be very flexible, and am available via email, Skype, and join.me for conference calls. Each package includes a free initial consultation and monthly conference calls. If you’re in the Seattle metro area, I’d love to meet with you in person!
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