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Paid Search Services

The Paid Search services package includes set up and/or audit of existing AdWords account. I can help you segment your account to increase relevancy and quality score for your keywords, find and refine keyword targeting, set up and refine geographic targeting, and set up remarketing and display ad campaigns. I can run ads on the Google Search Network or the Google Display Network.

I can also help you integrate Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and set up or audit your conversions and e-commerce tracking.

I can also help you set up and optimize Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Bing Ads.

If you have non-profit tax status, I may be able to help you get approved for the Google AdWords for Non-Profits program. This free program allows non-profits to have up to $10,000 / month in free advertising on the AdWords platform. There are some limits, such as ads are limited to the search network only, and bids are capped at $2 max. But still, it is a great program that non-profits should take advantage of to get more visibility on Google.

Prices and hours are dependent on the scope and budget of your account.

My Experience and Qualifications

I have worked on AdWords accounts with budgets up to $10,000 / month, and as small as $200 / month. I also have been managing an AdWords for Non-Profits account since 2013. I’ve worked on accounts on both the Search and Display networks, including remarketing campaigns.

View my qualifications here and my client portfolio here.


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