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Client Portfolio

In my freelance work, I’ve worked with a variety of clients in industries that run the gamut from health care to travel to mental health to interior decor. It’s been my pleasure to help these folks out with their online marketing.

Here are some of my client’s websites:

Van Wickle Appraisal

Summer 2017 – set up new WordPress site to be more modern and easy to update. Helped with basic SEO set up, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business optimization

Canadian Outback

April 2017 International SEO audit and recommendations for reducing duplicate content across multiple domains, including team-building sites targeted for the USA and Canada.

Authors & Editors

October 2016 — Keyword research and recommendations for a new site. Also gave recommendations on what pages to index or not index in preparation for site launch, and edited WordPress installation so that important pages had target SEO keywords (via the Yoast WordPress for SEO plugin).

Monks-Logo-150x75Monk’s Home Improvements

July 2016 — Performed a technical SEO audit, including an SEO Quick Wins document and a brief review of Google My Business local listings. This audit was through Verenorth.

Trauma Recovery Network

April – July 2016 — I created a WordPress website, gave personalized guidance on how to use WordPress, and helped design and add copy to the site.



April 2016Performed content strategy recommendations, with a focus on on-site content that will improve organic traffic. This review was through Verenorth.

December 2015 – I performed a structured data review for Kavu.com, an outdoor sport clothing company based in Seattle, WA. This review was through Verenorth.

A structured data review looks in-depth at existing structured data or “rich snippets,” on a website, and gives recommendations on fixing errors or adding additional structured data so that your site performs better in search results.

board-vitals-logoBoard Vitals

October 2015 I performed a “Structured Data Review,” which included an audit of existing structured data and recommendations for new rich snippets from vocabularies such as schema.org and data-vocabulary.org. I also reviewed the site’s use of Open Graph and Twitter Cards, and gave recommendations on how to implement these in order to improve the appearance of their web pages when shared on social media. I tailored my recommendations to the rich snippets that made the most sense for their website and industry, and included actionable code blocks for their developers to implement. This review was through Verenorth.


July to August 2015 I performed a comprehensive technical SEO audit for Healthify, a site that offers a health and social welfare referral database to health care companies. This audit was through Verenorth.


February 2015 to May 2015 I set up and managed the AdWords account for this company, and consult on SEO. I audited Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, helped design PPC landing pages, set up event tracking in Google Analytics, and performed keyword research for on-page SEO optimization.

Half the Clothes

September to May 2015 I helped customize this travel blogger’s WordPress site. I helped monetize it with affiliate advertising including Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and Commission Junction. I’ve also helped optimize it for increased organic traffic through on-page keyword optimization. I helped set up and integrate Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, including goals based on events for affiliate link tracking. Within the first six months, the blog was generating over 100% more revenue than the previous 6 months.

Aquiline Counseling

2013-2014 I built a WordPress site, gave personalized guidance on how to use WordPress, and ran an AdWords campaign for this mental health therapist.

every-nation-church-seattleEvery Nation Seattle

2011- Current I run a $10,000/month AdWords for Non-Profits program for this church in Seattle. I also consult on other online marketing strategies such as social media, site speed optimization, and other questions as needed. Set up Google Analytics event tracking and custom goals, set up Google Search Console and integrate it with Google Analytics, and edit title tags and meta descriptions.

simplicity-decor-logo_optSimplicity Decor

2011 As part of a team project, I helped create a year-long marketing plan for this interior decorating company.

madre-tierra-resort-spa-logo_optMadre Tierra Resort & Spa

2010 I helped edit and update the page content for this boutique hotel in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.





Professional Clients

From 2014-2015, I worked at Portent.com, a digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA. I was a SEO Strategist, with an emphasis on International SEO. I worked on over a dozen different websites in several different industries, including travel, cloud computing, workflow automation, outdoor apparel, and truck accessories. Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Specializing in international SEO. I consult on strategy, best practices for site structure, regional content optimization, and hreflang implementation
  • Optimizing organic traffic and revenue for a variety of clients, including some well-known national and international brands that pull in over $1 million in organic revenue per month. Results from one of my clients: organic revenue grew from $984,689 to $1,070,089, a 9% growth year-over-year. That’s $85,400 in added value from organic alone. Organic unique visitors for that same client increased from 84,247 in 2013 to 103,275 in 2014, a 23% percent increase year-over-year

Some of my clients during my tenure at Portent, from 2014-2015, included:

  • PrincessLodges.com
  • WestmarkHotels.com
  • RealTruck.com
  • Shaklee.com
  • CenturyLinkCloud.com
  • GoreApparel.com
  • Ahrefs.com
  • Nintex.com
  • Cloud.DimensionData.com
  • AsianFoodGrocer.com
  • LakedaleResort.com

realtruck-uvsFor RealTruck, I worked on their site from approximately September 2014 to June 2015. The chart to the right shows organic unique visitors. Tactics used included working on optimizing internal linking, external linking, optimizing the HTML sitemap, fixing duplicate content, managing crawl budget and parameters, a competitive analysis, keyword research, and tweaking templates for meta descriptions, H1s, and title tags. I focused on several categories of competitive keywords including “aftermarket truck accessories,” “truck hitches,” and similar. I wrote this article about working on RealTruck (although a teammate worked on the client before I did, so I can’t take credit for work prior to fall of 2014): https://www.portent.com/blog/seo/duplicate-content-really-problem.htm

For Princess Lodges, I worked on the site from July 2014-June 2015. Organic revenue grew 9% year-over-year. Organic unique visitors for that same client increased 23% year-over-year. I focused on reducing duplicate content by creating and managing designs for tour category pages that consolidated itinerary versions, updated meta data, optimized canonical URLs, made recommendations for UX design improvements, and other technical SEO recommendations. Target keywords included “Alaska tours,” “Alaska tour packages,” “Alaska train tours” etc.


  • iStockPhoto.com, current
  • GettyImages.com, current
  • FreeImages.com, current (just help with SEO consulting)
  • Photos.com, 2016 (just help with SEO consulting)
  • SouthAmerica.travel, 2011-2014

Pro bono work for:

  • Math Adventure Seattle, January 2016
  • World Relief Seattle, December 2015
  • OnTheBoards.org, February 2015
  • Every Nation Church Seattle, 2011-Current



Here’s what some of my colleagues and clients have had to say about my work. You can read these recommendations on my LinkedIn profile as well.

Jema Patterson
Travel Blogger, HalftheClothes.com

Kaitlin passed the first impression test with flying colors.  She is a woman of action – excellent at keeping our project focused and moving forward.  Her professionalism and efficiency are incredible value.  I recommend her without a single reservation.

November 25, 2014, Jema was Kaitlin’s client

Sandy Tudor
Sandy Tudor
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Kaitlin did an outstanding job helping me with my business website. She added functionality that made it more user friendly and appealing to my clients. After she made changes to the website and the Google advertisements I was running, my business increased significantly. She is personable, patient and a good teacher. She taught me to make some of the website changes myself. She is creative and has great ideas. I’m so glad she continues to help me with my business marketing needs.

May 25, 2014, Sandy was Kaitlin’s client

Nik Harrang
Nik Harrang
Executive Pastor at Every Nation Ministries

Kaitlin has provided just the help we needed to increase our web presence and search engine optimization (SEO) through tools like YELP, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and more. She is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and strong in idea suggestion and execution.

May 14, 2014, Nik was Kaitlin’s client

Gretchen Traut
Gretchen Traut
South America Program Director en Wildland Adventures

Kaitlin has an unrivaled, go-getter attitude in marketing and everything she does. She has consistently and simultaneously managed numerous multi-faceted campaigns, which, led to our sales team’s ever-growing success with qualified leads and their subsequent conversions.

May 14, 2014, Gretchen worked with Kaitlin at SouthAmerica.travel

Matthew Barker
Matthew Barker
Founder – I&I Travel Media and OutBounding.org

Kaitlin was a very strong addition to our content team who would consistently complete projects and assignments with a fine eye for detail, accuracy and overall quality, and always to deadline. She had a solid grasp of the editorial requirements for digital channels and her contributions brought flair and depth to our output.

May 22, 2014, Matthew managed Kaitlin at Latin America For Less

Elizabeth Dolhanyk
Elizabeth Dolhanyk
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Kaitlin is fastidious, hard-working and an excellent team player. While working within a group among copy writers, photographers, and designers, Kaitlin seemed to be very aware of how each role played an important part. She encouraged teamwork, collaboration, and accepted a great amount of responsibility with skill. She brings a high level of expertise, hard work, attention to detail, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

May 28, 2014, Elizabeth worked directly with Kaitlin at Seattle Pacific University

Sahar Baker
Sahar Baker
Senior Digital Media Specialist at Food Lion

I worked with Kaitlin in a group project, creating an online marketing plan for client. She was an expert in SEO and Social media, adding tremendous value to our project. She was also a great communicator and led team collaboration smoothly. Being an excellent copy writer, she wrapped up the final work beautifully.

June 18, 2011, Sahar studied with Kaitlin at University of Washington


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